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HUGE Money Savers For College Students In 2019: Hacks and Tips

HUGE Money Savers For College Students In 2019: Hacks and Tips

How To Save Money In College

When it comes to college tuition, it is appropriate to say, “the struggle is real.” If you’re almost any college student in America, you may be at your whits end trying to pay off thousands of dollars in loans to cover tuition, books, and other school related expenses.

Saving money in college seems to be a far fetched idea in 2019, but it doesn’t have to be! It’s time to see the green once again with the help of these money saving tips and hacks.


1. Buy/Borrow/Rent Used Books

“On average, four-year college students spend about $1,298 per year on textbooks” (USNews). Unless you’re taking a brand new course, chances are that someone in your local area has been there, done that, and bought that. With that said, be assertive. You have nothing to lose by asking fellow classmates or even graduates for used books. Ebay, OfferUp, and Amazon are also available at your fingertips to buy used books.

Tip: You can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing the older edition of books as well. I recommend asking your professor if an older edition of the book required for the course will work.

2. Student Discounts

The College ID may very well be your secret weapon when it comes to discounts! You may surprised as to how many businesses support college students. Here are only some of many discounts you can get as a student:

3. Make Coffee From Home

If you’re anything like me, you cannot function without being caffeinated. By making your daily cup of coffee at home, you can save hundreds, yes, hundreds of dollars a month (especially if you’re a kind tipper). Watch this Quick Tutorial to make a tasty coffee from home.


4. Go to School Events For Freebies & “Swag”

Did you know that some of your tuition is set aside to foster school events? You might as well take advantage of the free goodies and most importantly, the food and snacks given away at orientations, job fairs, and seasonal events! In addition, these events often give away useful supplies like sticky notes, pens, highlighters, etc. YAY for freebies!

5. Save Your Monthly Dues

Americans on average spend $33 on gym memberships per month (MarketWatch). If your college/university offers a fitness center, you can save upwards of $350 a year by using it instead of paying for a gym membership.


6.Work Study Positions

Have you ever heard of getting paid to study? Sounds like a win-win to me! If you spend a generous amount of time on campus, look into applying for a work study position on campus to get some cash flow back into your wallet.

Share your personal hacks & tips for saving money in college below in the comments!

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